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What people say about us

Thank you, OrthoCareRN for being there. I was scared and afraid that being away from the hospital, we would regress and not get the attention we needed. I didn’t know how we would have made it though this ordeal. They kept me strong and my husband just kept pushing to get better as he wanted to please them and thank them for all they did for him. You have the best professionals working for you and they are so sincere in their work. They are not just there to do their job, they are all dedicated workers, and they truly care about the patient's that they are helping.
- Mrs. K.

Please thank your aide J… His compassionate care leaves me speechless, a true professional! Thanks so much.
- Kevin P

My mom and our family are very thankful for the care provided. We would recommend your services to anyone. May God bless all of you.
- John & Beth.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone I know who needs your help. Your Senior Program is the best!
- M.R.

Please thank everyone involved in my mother’s care during this trying period. The care was excellent, everyone from your professional staff who visited and I spoke with on the phone were great in every way and as an end result my mother's health has improved remarkably!! I was especially impressed with how caring your companion care or aide was. I know my mom was demanding. It's nice to see people who really care about what they do in their lives!! Thank you again!
- Ellen B.

OrthoCareRN did a wonderful job in caring for me. My recuperation was an easier process and I love you guys.
- Cindy H.

The therapist who came was "unbelievable"!! His treatments were good and helped me get better. Thank you for sending him...his care was excellent.
- Robert T.

Dear OrthoCareRN. I was a patient and your nurse is the reason I am well today. Her encouragement and kind words helped me get back on my feet. She had excellent knowledge about my orthopedics and was extremely well informed. She is a great nurse for your company. Thank you.
- Mr. K

I’ve had a few agencies care for me in the past but I have never sent a letter to compliment the care I received. I find myself compelled to share with others the outstanding therapeutic care I received. I’m very impressed but more grateful for being there. I thank your for the help when we needed it the most. You guys are the best. Now we have our health and piece of mind.
- Felix & Wendy.

I felt faint and light headed when my surgical staples were removed but never did I lose confidence in your staff. What a terrific people you have.
- Chris S.